About HART

Our Mission

Jereda's Colony

Our Mission is to engage in activities that curb overpopulation, impede the feral cat cycle, re-home abandoned cats and kittens, promote responsible pet ownership, and end the cycle of animal suffering by a humane approach that utilizes spaying and neutering as its primary weapon. We accomplish this goal by implementing feral cat management through the Trap, Neuter & Return program (TNR). 

Our Beginning

Cali and Kiwi

 H.A.R.T. has been in existence since May of 2005 as an effort that began with us helping a colony of cats outside of an industrial work place in Tempe, AZ.  A litter of four kittens was discovered on the premises and all four adorable kittens were socialized and were rescued and placed into three loving homes: one of those homes was ours.  All of the feral cats at this business were spayed and neutered through Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR), and there have been no more kittens born at this location since.  This website is dedicated to "Cali" and "Kiwi," the two female kittens from this first litter of rescues, that stole our hearts and found their forever home with us. 

Our Team


 Our team is what makes H.A.R.T. successful. Truly, together everyone achieves more! Our volunteers dedicate countless hours to Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR), fostering cats and kittens, screening potential adopters, administration, fundraising, and feral cat management. A great big THANK YOU to all of our team members, from the bottom of our 


Our Team


Jacey, the Founder and President of HART, is an ASU graduate with a degree in Elementary Education.  She is an animal rights advocate, vegan and dedicates her life to saving animals.  She devotes countless hours of personal time and resources conducting Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) of feral and abandoned cats.  She has volunteered with several local animal rescue groups assisting with adoptions, fostering, and administrative duties since 2005.

She also works with the community to educate the public about cat management through TNR. Jacey  and her husband, Eric have seven beautiful, indoor rescue cats, as well as many cherished TNR'd ferals that they care for daily.  *Jacey is also a 2011 recipient of the "PUFFER" Award  and the Puffer's Person of the Year award (awarded Feb 9th, 2012). The PUFFER Award is a private, local award celebrating those who have positively impacted the "cat community."


Eric, the Vice-President of HART, is an ASU graduate and also a graduate of the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA).  Eric's background in Law Enforcement has allowed him to see firsthand, the horrors of animal abuse and neglect.  Alongside his wife, Jacey, he has also volunteered with several local animal rescue groups assisting with adoptions, fostering and administrative duties since 2005. Eric is an animal advocate and vegan.

Together, Eric and Jacey network with various animal rescue groups, animal shelters and animal advocacy groups to accomplish all of the goals of HART. 


Jennifer has a degree in Engineering from Michigan State University and works in her respective field full-time.  Jennifer has also been doing TNR for many years and has aligned herself with numerous rescue groups throughout the Valley, assisting in various ways: from Vet-tech know-how, to fostering and more.... Jennifer has been the "go-to-gal" for many people and the one to call upon when you don't know what to do next. 


Mindy is originally from Illinois and moved to Arizona in 1996.  She has a degree in Accounting and is employed full time in the field. Mindy is a life-long animal lover and advocate.  She has volunteered with several animal rights and rescue groups and has been vegan for many years.  She has shared her home with numerous rescue cats over the years and each holds a dear place in her heart.  Mindy fosters and helps with TNR of feral colonies.  She is happy to be a part of HART, working to improve the lives of our animal friends.  


Lori is a retired Sociology Professor. She has dedicated her life to working for social justice and ending inequalities. She is the author of several books including ADVOCATES FOR ANIMALS. She has been an animal rights activist and vegan for since the mid 80's, volunteering for animal rights/protection organizations, including HART Homeless Animals Rescue Team. Lori assists HART with TNR, fostering/socializing cats and kittens and preparing them for adoption. Lori also writes Lori's LampPost on our FaceBook page. She received PETA's Outstanding Vegan Mentor award in April, 2019.


Daina is a winter visitor from Canada, who has a second home in the east valley. When she's in Arizona, she busies herself with lots of TNR, rescue work and fostering. East valley cats are very fortunate to have her help. She is a huge blessing to HART and to homeless cats!


Jen and Jeff are our kitten whisperers. They are skilled at bottle feeding young kittens and are an amazing team to watch as they smoothly take over all the parental duties required to care for kittens until they are weaned. Their altruistic care and concern for kittens is to be admired. The foster kittens in their care go to adoptions healthy, well adjusted and wonderfully social. Without their support, we could not save the many kittens HART finds in need.


Christi has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and worked as a mental health and substance abuse counselor for 14 years. She gives administrative support to HART by sending donors tax deductible receipts and thank you letters. She helps organize fund raising events and makes beautiful hand-crafted items to sell at our events. She also keeps the HART wish list going to ensure that we receive the items we need for our foster cats and kittens. Her administrative skills are a huge asset to our busy schedules. 


Mei Lin is originally from China. She is an expert trapper and spends a lot of time helping the elderly and those in need of TNR help. She maintains feral colonies and is always in the right place at the right time, to rescue abandoned cats and bring them hope and love while fostering them until they're ready for adoption.

Linda is an ASU graduate and currently working in Social Services in the Phx-Metro area. She has a h

Linda is an ASU graduate and currently working in Social Services in the Phx-Metro area. She has a household of beautiful cats and dogs and feeds dozens of homeless cats at numerous feeding stations daily. Linda has been doing TNR for since 1999 and is well respected in the TNR community for all of her efforts. Linda is an animal rights advocate and vegetarian.


Jeff is a retired veteran. He does TNR in the east valley and rescues young kittens. He socializes and fosters them, and prepares them for adoption. He also maintains feral colonies and rescues abandoned adult cats and gives them a second chance at life. He is always generous with his time and resources to help a cat in need.